E M C S.L.
European Marine Consultants S.L.
EMC S.L., P.O. Box 001, 28270 Colmenarejo, Madrid, Spain
Tel. (24hrs) : + 34 618 10 5331; + 34 659 24 5455
European Marine Consultants S.L. was established in Madrid, Spain by  Ing. Samuel A. Bull Calvo following an increasing demand from Owners, Shipyards and Flag Administrations currently proving the quality service expected.

EMC S.L. maintains a strong and close customer relationship that is able to find the appropiate solution and service.

Our team is composed of naval architects, marine engineers, mechanical engineers, materials engineers, master mariners and ex-sea going officers.
EMC main philosophy of project management focuses on safety, environmental protection, simplicity of operation, redundancy and easy maintenance.
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